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About English Alexandra

I am an interior designer and always need cute little accessories for shelves and desk tops. I also need pretty artwork (there is not a lot these days). So I made my own. Thus the creation of English Alexandra Designs was born. People liked my artwork and I started selling. My artwork is my pride and joy and I am always creating more content and collaborations.

Having a niece and nephew, English designed her own little kids furniture based on the high-end furniture she makes for her own clients. Little kids deserve better furniture than what is on the market today, and they really know the difference. Every kid that sits on these pieces never wants to leave. This has turned into a custom furniture kids line and other decorating items. 

Stableton Adventures is one of English's pride and joy. She started creating these little horse characters back when she was in college when her dad gave her the "can't keep all your eggs in one basket" speech. On their way back from their ranch in Texas, they wrote 5 little short stories about her first character "Filly" that English still has to this day. She has been creating more and more characters and only now, over 10 years is she finally posting these for the public to see. 

English Minter's full time career is Feng Shui Interior Design. She is registered in Interior Design and a Feng Shui Certified Consultant. Working in multiple home and business types, English covers everything from aesthetics, boosting income and productiving, to even helping health in clients by creating a healthy environment as a whole. English truly cherishes her jobs including her art on this website that she is able to share with everyone.

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